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Selling company and handler of payments on insjonsvaveri.se is the mother company of Injsöns Väveri AB,  Bookbinders Design Scandinavia AB (559215-3620). Below stated as Bookbinders Design. All handling of products and delivery is administrated by Insjöns Väveri AB (556187-0188). 

Selling company Bookbinders Design Scandinavia AB
(559215-3620). Based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

For questions, contact Customer Service at: butik@insjonsvaveri.se

All prices are in Swedish Kronor (SEK) if not else stated and include a Swedish
value added tax (VAT) of 25% of if to a country within the EU the national value added tax (VAT) for the specific country. The following can be changed without any further notice. 

1. Delivery time

The order is shipped within 2-5 business days. For longer delivery delays, you will always have the possibility of revoking the order. If so, contact Customer Service. We reserve the right of being out of stock as well as for eventual faulty prices. 

2. Order confirmation 
When your order is received, we will send an automatic order confirmation to the email you have entered. Please save your order confirmation as reference when contacting Customer Service. The order confirmation is no guarantee that the products are in stock. 

3. Methods of payment

Klarna Checkout makes it easy, flexible and safe for you to shop at Insjöns Väveri. By answering a few questions you identify easily and you can choose the payment method that suits you best. Klarna Checkout distinguishes between purchase and payment. First, you confirm your purchase and then choose how you want to pay.
More about Klarna Checkout here!

4. Shipping cost
All orders are sent from Insjön, Sweden. You are responsible for assuring that the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country outside the EU. Costs associated with any kind of customs, duties and taxes outide the EU are covered by the customer and not by Bookbinders Design. 

Up to 899 SEK 59 SEK 
Above 900 SEK Free delivery 

Up to 999 NOK 99 NOK 
Above 1000 NOK Free delivery 

Within EU 
Up to 99€ 12€ 
Above 100€ Free delivery 

USA and rest of the world
Up to 199 USD 30 USD 
Above 200 USD Free Delivery

5. Transport 
Should the product be damaged or disappear during the transport, Insjöns Väveri is held responsible. If damaged, Customer Service must be provided with a photo of the package and products within seven (7) days. If the delivery does not appear, contact Customer Service within twenty (20) days of order date. The customer is held responsible for damage or disappearance if the product is returned. 

 6. Returns 
Return Policy As a customer in the EU, you have the right to undo your purchase for valid receipt within 14 calendar days of receipt of your goods. The product must be returned in sellable condition. All returned items are returned together with order number and contact details to our warehouse. Unidentified items returned can be refused refund. Returns that are damaged or dirty are not accepted. Bookbinders Design is not responsible for return shipping. As a customer outside of the EU, you are entitled to cancel your purchase against valid receipt within 30 calendar days of receipt of your goods.

When returned products are recieved by Insjöns Väveri, Bookbinders Design will refund what you have paid within 30 days. Should you return as a customer fewer products than the order covers, only refundable for the products you return.

If the purchase relates to a service whose completion commenced with your consent during the cancellation period (30 days), the service is exempted from the right of cancellation. Insjöns Väveri always collects your consent and informs about when performance is commenced when ordering services that are exempted from the right of withdrawal.

Some products are exempted from the right of withdrawal, supported by distance and home sales law (2005: 59): -Products manufactured or modified specifically at the customer's request or otherwise given a special feature.

Contact Insjöns Väveri AB

Insjövägen 59
793 41 Insjön
E-mail: butik@insjonsvaveri.se

Contact Bookbinders Design Scandinavia AB
Karlavägen 67
11449 Stockholm
E-mail: shop@bookbindersdesign.se

7. Claims 
We guarantee that the products you order are flawless and in mint condition at the time of delivery. Should you receive a defect product or wrong delivery, contact Customer Service as soon as possible, within 7 days. Customer service accepts notification of faults and will send you a prepaid return envelope. Return the product in the condition and protective in which it was received, together with a damage or claims report, and you will receive a new respectively correct product. The faulty product must be in unused and undamaged condition (sealing or protective plastic may not be broken). Return the product together with the delivery note (or a copy of it, both front and reverse sides). Note the reason for return on the reverse side of the invoice! NOTE! Before returning the faulty/wrong product you must contact Customer Service in order to have the claim approved and the return postage prepaid. The responsibility for faults of a product on order is limited to what has been indicated. 

8. Undeliverable packages
Should a package which has not been collected be returned, any costs associated with the order will be non-refundable to customer. 

9. Security 
We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is a protocol for secure transferral of data via the Internet (or other networks). The company Netscape Communications has introduced and developed the SSL-protocol which has now become an industry standard. A protocol is a set of rules and procedures on how information (data) should be managed. The SSL-protocol handles the data in many different ways and ”rearranges” the information. This is done so that the information is non-legible during the transfer between two computers, this “rearranging” is called encryption. When the data is received the SSL ”rearranges” the data to its original order, checks that the sender is correct (Server Authentication) and also checks that the data has not been changed during the transferal (Message Integrity). SSL uses digital certificates to check the sender, receiver or both sender and receiver of the data transfer. A digital certificate is that ”tool” which is used to link information about an individual or organisation to a so-called “public key” with two purposes: 

- All SSL-certificates to the Internet are administered by the company, which is a certified certificate maker. This also results in all SSL-cerficates being unique and correctly issued. All those who apply for SSL-certificates must verify their own or their organisation’s identity in order to buy a SSL-certificate.

- For consumers, the only requirement for using SSL, is a web-reader that can read SSL, which the two most often used web-readers Netscape and Internet Explorer, have been able to do since many versions ago. Also, it is required that the web-reader is set-up to allow for SSL. 

10. Legal decisions 
Disputes regarding these regulations will be decided by Swedish law and take place in Stockholm, Sweden. Bookbinders Design follows the recommendations of Konsumentverket (the National Board of Consumer Policies), see: KONSUMENTVERKET.SE.

Alternative dispute handeling by third party, see the Online Dispute page by the European Comission here! 

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